Fetty Wap reveals why his career went downhill after he reached the top

Fetty Wap is signed to two record labels, but claims he paid for her tours, tour buses and more.

This has been a harrowing time for Fetty Wap. The rapper was about to make a triumphant return to music with the release of The Butterfly Effect in October. The album was applauded by fans who were happy to see the New Jersey rapper ease his way back into the rhythm of things after the tragic loss of his daughter.

It’s an experience the rapper understandably said nothing about, but when he was mourning the loss of his son, Fetty was arrested. Authorities allege that Fetty was involved in a major drug trafficking ring and, as the federal case develops, he spoke with Fat Joe for his first interview since being released from prison.

The duo covered a range of topics, but touched on Fetty’s notable absence from the music charts after reaching the top years ago. The rapper explained why he decided to take a step back in his music career and his reasoning revolved around his team.

“You sold ten million records, right? And then, for me, it’s like you disappeared. Like I just fell down,” said Fat Joe. He asked Fetty if he had a specific reason for the break. The rapper replied: “If I could say it for myself, I would say it’s more so that the people around me aren’t experienced. Like, no one was experienced, honestly.”

Fat Joe interrupted to say that his team did “home management” of his career and not a professional one.

“And what happened, it was like, in the process – you know how it went, do you feel me?” said Fetty. “In the process, I’m trying to figure out why this is happening, why this is happening, and then you know, the finance part, like hey, what’s up with this, what’s with that.” Fetty said he was still signed to two record labels and there was a time when he felt he had to take care of business himself.

“For the tours, I put all the money into touring. I paid for all the buses. Everything came out of my expenses. It was like, I have to pay you guys, but I’m paying for everything else.”

Watch Fetty and Fat Joe discuss the industry’s ills below.

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