Ferrari, Sainz: “The last season gave me 100% confidence. There is a lot of positivity for 2022 “

Carlos Sainz is undoubtedly one of the promoted drivers of the 2021 season, where the Spaniard has shone by once again showing that constancy in the race that made the difference. The Ferrari driver, who arrived in Maranello from McLaren to replace Sebastian Vettel, concluded the championship by obtaining fifth place in the World Championship, preceding his teammate Charles Leclerc, among other things.

Sainz said he was clearly satisfied with his debut season in red, labeling it among the best run in Formula 1, and is looking forward with enthusiasm to the next one characterized by the regulation change.

Did he trust me? Yes, 100% – said Sainz, quoted by – Above all, the second part of the season gave me the right confidence with the car, the right confidence with the team, to be ready for what will happen next year. This, combined with the amount of hard work we are putting into the 2022 project, has put me in the right mindset. I had a lot of fun. I think it was one of my best seasons in terms of fun in Formula 1. It was quite hectic, a lot of races but also a lot of good moments. I managed to have fun and at the same time I managed to improve myself over the course of the year”.

Sainz, continuing to discuss the recent past and the near future, added: “I feel like I finished the season much stronger than I started it, so there is that important progression within the team. I have also seen changes within the team that have gone in the right direction. So honestly, the feeling for 2022 is very positive and I think we’re about to get some momentum. It was easy enough for me to keep reminding myself that I am making a dream come true: to drive for the best team in Formula 1 and the most historic team in Formula 1. Driving for Ferrari has been a dream come true since I was boy”.

The Spaniard does not hide and aims high: “I enter the weekend always enthusiastic, always with energy, always trying to learn, trying to improve, to make sure that the chance to fight for the World Championship with Ferrari arrives and I let myself be as prepared and as ready as possible. 2021 allowed me to take another small step as a driver and finish the season high and now ready for whatever happens in 2022”.

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