Fernando Colunga announced happy news

Fernando Colunga He was absent from the television scene for 6 years, when in 2016 he starred in his latest novel Pasion y Poder. Since then he has waited for the right moment to return and returns in 2022 as the protagonist of Clan history, A production of Telemundo.

The beloved Mexican actor Fernando Colunga, well known for his endearing roles such as Luis Fernando de la Vega, in the telenovela “María la del barrio” where he was the leading man of Thalia; He moved away from the television environment after he starred in 2016 Pasion y Poder. Apparently the actor did not want to play the leading man again, but rather to challenge himself to embody a character that would allow him a different acting journey.

Today almost seven years after his last leading role, he has confirmed his presence as one of the protagonists in History of a clan under the production of Telemundo Streaming Studios, which will be broadcast in a series of 10 chapters. There Fernando He will play the father of the clan, the character Aquiles Greco; who will be the head of a criminal organization dedicated to kidnapping and killing people.

The series is based on real events, it is the story of an Argentine family that organized to dedicate itself to crime. It is undoubtedly an interesting role and allows you to Fernando challenge yourself to interpret a different character profile and continue to grow professionally. Apparently the actor is very satisfied and in a statement issued by Telemundo, he said: “The day and the night… this is how I could define this new adventure. I hope that the public can enjoy this series as much as the whole team behind this project is doing ”, he said. Colunga.

Fernando Colunga on Telemundo.
Source: Telemundo.com

A Fernando He was very happy and satisfied with his participation in this project and it is to be expected, in the speed of the times it is important for a 55-year-old actor to be in force and be summoned for a serial format project, which has been some years it is a trend and dominates the scene of the small screen. For this, the actor commented that he was grateful to the producer for “letting me continue dreaming,” he said. Colunga.

Fernando Colunga in 2020 at the Telemundo studios.
Source: Telemundo.com


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