Fernández on the defeat in the PASO: "We will not have done something right"

President Alberto Fernández recognized the opposition force as the winner in the PASO 2021 elections and in that sense, he expressed himself from the bunker of the Frente de Todos: “Something we have not done well so that people do not accompany us as we expected,” he said.

After 11:30 p.m., when the official results were known, the president, accompanied by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the main candidates of the ruling party, added: “There are mistakes we have made.”

In a self-criticism Fernández reflected: “There is a demand that we will not have adequately satisfied in the voters. Starting tomorrow we are going to work so that they will join us in November ”.

“All of us who are here want the happiness of the people and we have worked hard, but it has been insufficient,” continued the president. And he added: “These STEP are a piece of information that we are going to consider and starting tomorrow we are going to work so that in November, when the general election arrives, people will join us.”

And he concluded: “I ask you to set a single objective between now and November: to keep my word. We are going to listen, to correct what has been done wrong and do what has not been done ”.

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