Fernanda Hansen and her arduous struggle to regain her body: “I can’t dance, jump, twist like I liked to do”

Fernanda Hansen he made an extensive reflection on his body. And she did it while showing an arduous Pilates routine, a discipline that has helped her regain it.

Let us remember that the journalist suffered a serious accident in 2009, when she fell from a horse on the plot of Felipe Camiroaga.

There, he spent at least two months in recovery, minute in which he had to undergo surgery and kinesiology therapies.

A situation that, to this day, generates consequences. And for that reason, he wanted to share his feelings with his Instagram followers.

Fernanda Hansen’s message

“For years, I thought my body was a sick one. After 5 surgeries on my spine, I thought that accepting my body like this was medicine for my soul “he started saying.

And he added that “in some way, knowing how to accept the life that touched us is healing for the mind and spirit. But having goals and objectives is also part of living well. I can’t dance, jump, twist like a contortionist like I used to, but I can keep my body healthy and active ”.

Then, she thanked Pilates, a discipline that has helped her to recover and in which she has found a new opportunity to move.

“Pilates gave me not thinking of my body as a sick one. In fact, the story of the creator of this discipline, Joseph Pilates, inspired me. After being a child who suffered from rickets, asthma and being considered fragile, he developed postural problems and decreased movement of his joints in his adulthood. It was then that He devised this method that kept him agile and flexible until his last years of life. And that I want for myself“, He expressed.

Thus, Fernanda Hansen was stronger than ever, making complex postures and realizing that her desire to recover completely is stronger than her limitations. Dry!

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