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What would have happened to Cinderella and Snow White if they had still been with us? This is the question that Montreal photographer Bertrand Exertier asked himself, not only imagining the scene, but also entrusting the roles of Disney characters to well-known Quebec stars. Sketches since last fall in Montreal, the first photos of the project have been a hit for a week on the young photographer’s Instagram account.

“This project represents the DNA that I want to give to my photos, that is to say to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary”, explains the 32-year-old photographer, who says he was inspired by a photo of 2017 where Celine Dion is seen eating a hot dog in a ball gown after the Met Gala. Taking advantage of the fact that he rubbed shoulders with many Quebec stars while he worked as a researcher in several variety shows, he suggested to Véronique Cloutier to take a similar photo in a convenience store after the recent Gémeaux awards gala.

The host immediately accepted. “Bertrand knows the job, he is super discreet and he works quickly, which makes him very good at contacting us. This also explains why he has such beautiful names in his project, supports the producer. He works fast and well, and he really has a knack for presenting things differently, even if it’s very simple. Also, he is a real kindness and he is super endearing! ”

These are therefore 13 stars who have agreed to strike a pose by playing the updated role of a Disney character. So far, we have seen Véro as Cinderella in the metro, Stéphane Rousseau as Prince Charming always disappointed to be dumped at midnight, Ariane Moffatt as Fairy Godmother who became the owner of a shoe store, Sonia Benezra as Anita Darling having straightened out the affairs of Cruella de Vil, Marie-Ève ​​Janvier as Snow White at the grocery store and Mariana Mazza as Jasmine in a carpet shop.

I’ve been a Disney fan since I was little, I went to see all the films, I was immersed in that universe. And making the ordinary extraordinary is also what defines Disney.

Bertrand Exertier, photographer

An affection shared by the stars he contacted.

“It’s very funny because I am an actress by training, and my first role in life was that of Snow White in high school,” says Sonia Benezra. When Bertrand told me about the project, I immediately told him that I wanted to be Snow White. Unfortunately, he told me that he had already thought of Marie-Ève ​​Janvier for this role. But I really enjoyed doing Anita Darling, she has a very glamorous side that I love. I also find that it lacks a lot of glamor these days. Glamor allows us to dream! ”

Same story for Véronique Cloutier: “I’ve always been a fan of Disney, it’s also a family passion, so when Bertrand told me he wanted to start his series with me as Cinderella, I I was delighted, ”says the host and actress.

Cinderella, it’s not a pichou, even if she is not feminist enough for my taste! But precisely, I wore pink instead of her traditional blue dress, which shows a Cinderella who looks like her!

Véronique Cloutier

Bertrand Exertier, who plans each of his photoshoots in detail, suggests to the stars a piece of clothing they have already worn – in the case of Véronique Cloutier, it was her dress worn at the Artis gala in 2012. The the work of the young photographer is therefore light years away from the great shootings, the sessions usually take no more than 15 minutes, which brings a refreshing spontaneity to the shots.

A characteristic that will be found in his future projects. “I see this series of photos as the start of a trilogy,” he says. I would like to follow up with something more ambitious about the impact of climate change that would be intended for a magazine, as the third installment takes place in Paris, New York and Montreal. Not Disney this time around, but again following the theme of the extraordinary within the ordinary. ”

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