Fatal traffic accident took the life of a man

This Wednesday, around 7:30 p.m., police employees learned about a traffic accident on the Ruta El Canal and the access to the Paraje La Nación, in Comandancias Frías.

There, they established that The participants were a gray Toyota Hilux 4×4 truck, which was resting on the right side, and a few meters away, the body of a person identified as Matias Misetich, 56, domiciled in that town.

He was examined by a local doctor, who reported that he had no vital signs.

At the scene were a 32-year-old man, another 36-year-old man, and the 32-year-old driver of the vehicle, a native of Salta, who reported that after losing control of the vehicle, there was a rollover.

An act of visual inspection was carried out, the seizure of the vehicle and the documentation. The Criminal Investigation prosecutor ordered the delivery of the body to the family, while the driver was notified of actions for “alleged wrongful death”, and was released.

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