Fast & Furious 10 John Cena is eager to return to the sequel

After Fast & Furious 9 and the series Peacemaker, John Cena spoke of his wish to return to the franchise in the tenth film.

Throughout its new opus, the saga Fast & Furious – initiated in 2001 with Rob Cohen in the direction – had fun at collect a whole series of highly regarded actors of contemporary American cinema. Whether it’s Dwayne Johnson – who doesn’t seem to want to return to the saga – in episode five, Jason Statham in the seventh, and Charlize Theron in Fast & Furious 8 : the motorized franchise has continued to expand the family run by Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and the late Paul Walker.

And that’s how former wrestler John Cena entered this sweet and cerebral universe in Fast & Furious 9. The actor had appeared in the Crazy Amy de Judd Apatow, les Very Bad Dads, the The Wall by Doug Liman and the Bumblebee of Travis Knight, before recently showing us that he had it under the hood with his role in The Suicide Squad by James Gunn.

It was also during the promotion of the spin-off series of the film, Peacemaker, during the broadcast Good Morning America, that the actor reconsidered his wish to return to the future Fast & Furious 10.

We do not choose our family

“I can tell you one thing: you probably won’t see me in Fast 10 dressed as [Peacemaker], but I really hope you will see me there anyway. I know they’re gearing up for production and there’s nothing I would love more than returning to this franchise. I’m a huge fan of it myself. “

So John Cena evokes his wish to return to the saga for what will undoubtedly be the first part of a concluding diptych of the motorized saga. The actor would like to resume his role of Jakob Toretto, the hidden brother of Dom – Vin Diesel – Toretto, who was linked, in the ninth installment of the saga, to a project to control all the high-tech weapons in the world… just that. The film’s antagonist, therefore, saw himself collaborating with Cipher, still played by Charlize Theron, to accomplish their evil plan.

The Suicide Squad : photo, John Cena

Have a hard head

However, because family first and foremost, the Toretto brothers end up allying themselves at the end of the film, thus leaving the door open to a possible return of the character within the team of protagonists.

Note that this Fast & Furious 10 will always be directed by Justin Lin – the director who has directed the most films of the saga – who will sign the beginning of the end for the main franchise saga, which saw itself push a spin-off branch in 2019 with the realization of Fast & Furious : Hobbs & Shaw, which will also have a sequel.

And if despite all that you do not manage to gently wait for the return of the fast and furious saga, remember that John Cena is playing Peacemaker which should hopefully soon arrive on our French screens when the series has already been released on HBO Max in the United States.

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