Fans gather more than 120 signatures for Neflix to continue ‘Cowboy Bebop’

The live-action adaptation of ‘Cowboy Bebop‘started with A staggering 74 million hours of playback, and 58% good reviews courtesy of their viewers, however, that was not enough to Netflix and less than a month after its premiere, the platform decided to cancel the series without going back, or at least they now believe that Ryan Proffer has started a to change this.

With a total of 120,000 signatures So far, the initiative seeks to convince Netflix to reach an agreement that at least gives the series a second chance for a new season.

Although its premiere was extremely successful, the reality is that after its first weekend, the series dropped 59% in views and Rotten Tomatoes ended up giving it a 48% shot for its poor narrative.

Reality? A can’t truly solve anything, which yes, it could happen that executives notice a conversation viral enough to open the door to a new opportunity, but after two years of delays, injuries, and reissues, everyone seems to be very tired with the project.

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