Famine: “We are going to demand that Justice really take care of the issue”

The director of the Municipal Hospital, Gustavo Carestía, pointed out that the whole society must have a condemnatory attitude towards attacks such as the one suffered on Saturday by the head of Health Region I, Maximiliano Núñez Fariña, and assured that judicial presentations will be made from the health center to ask for the fact to be clarified.

“We are going to demand that the Justice really take care of the issue,” he said.

The doctor, who was one of the professionals named as “known accomplices” in the pamphlet left by the perpetrators of the attack -together with other hospital professionals-, also argued that this type of issue forces them to worry about things “of which we would not have to occupy ourselves and waste time when we have a much more serious problem such as the pandemic ”.

“It is nonsense that citizens, as a whole, must repudiate and demand for justice to be done. It is something undemocratic and antosocial, “he said.

In dialogue with Panorama, which is issued by “LU2”, Carestía recalled that since the attack suffered by the La Cámpora premises in Bahía Blanca, in May last year, which was followed by three other similar events -including the one last Saturday-, there was no news regarding“ that something has happened in order to find out who is responsible ”.

“We must demand it strongly all of us,” he said.

In addition, he confirmed that the Municipal Hospital will promote a legal action to “protect our staff within the legal framework.”

“We are going to get in touch with the Justice and we will be very aware of what emerges from the meetings -NdR: that today the Buenos Aires ministers of Justice and Health, Julio Alak and Nicolás Kreplak, will carry out in the city, respectively-. We are just finishing evaluating what is the condition of the presentation that we will do ”, he assured.

Núñez Fariña, distressed

In this context, he did not rule out that security can be reinforced at the health center.

“Institutionally we are not going to stand still and we are going to do everything possible to protect these people,” he concluded.

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