Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s mobile version

– Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is in the works, but only in China.

The wildly famous game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will now be accessible from mobile, but only in China. Daniel Ahmad, Games analyst said in a tweet that Bilibili, a Chinese entertainment company has tied down the rights to distribute a mobile version of this game, but it will be only in China.

Bilibili says on its site that it will be the exclusive agent for a certified mobile game in territory China that Google is meaning ” Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout,” with jelly bean an imaginable reference to the game’s bean-formed characters. In China, the PC and PS4 variants of the game pass by a similar name.

There have been a ton of bits of gossip twirling about a mobile version of Fall Guys that ended up being mistaken, until now. The official Twitter account for the game tweeted August seventeenth that in case you see any advertisements for a mobile version, then they are scams.

The co-founder of Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, Bill Croft, confirmed the news Monday. Croft said through a email that they can confirm in China, Bilibili have secured publishing rights to a mobile version. He added that user can imagine, they’ve had many queries regarding about platforms since release, and obviously they’d love to deliver on more stages later on but for now focusing our efforts on PC and PS4.

Since its release prior this month on PC and PS4, Fall Guys has been a tremendous hit, and attracted more than 1.5 million players its initial 24 hours. The battle fight royale game backings up to 60 players in series of mini-game matches where you dive, bounce, and snatch your approach to victory; players are disposed of through several rounds, with players acquiring customizations along the way.

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