Fall 2021: the lipstick shades you should try

You must use the lipstick color that you want 365 days a year. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing the changes of the seasons by pairing sweater weather and the warm color palette of fall into your makeup looks. In fact, now with the masks that we use less we have put little lipstick, but putting it on can help you feel pretty.

Simply, Fall Is When Makeup Brands Dump Their New Lipstick Formula in an overwhelming number of shades, including seasonal staples like burgundy, plum, and wine red. You must have a favorite lipstick and it’s time to wear it to welcome fall

AND, If you want to branch out, some brands have thrown some unexpected shades into the mix. A fiery orange courtesy of Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Posh Hydrating Lipstick is a cherry red alternative, and if you really want to go bold, Armani Beauty’s Long-Wear Lip Power Lipstick comes in bright fuchsia.

With a blend of nourishing vegetable oils and waxesThe new orange shade from Victoria Beckham’s Posh Lipstick collection goes butter-smooth, making it a great choice for pampering and pampering yourself.

It is a good time to wear a lipstick

There is a low maintenance red lipstick is Better Off Red it is a shade of crimson with a slightly golden hue. While offering a rich color payoff, the creamy formula is comfortable to wear and won’t stain lips, you can find it in department stores.

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With Yves Saint Laurent The Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick in Fiery Spice you can relive the 90s with the brick red lip shade. Slim bullet square tip allows for precise applicationwhile the actual formula has a semi matte finish.

Merit’s sheer lip color, a true chocolate brown, also serves as a nourishing treatment. You can find it on Amazon.

Another one of the real rules of lipstick is to wear whatever color you want, regardless of the time of year. So if you’re still feeling this spring for fall fuchsia lipstick trend. We can suggest you the power of Armani lips in Brave. Long-lasting formula offers supreme pigment with a slightly glossy finish.

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Autumn comes loaded with lipstick

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