Fairgrounds at Parque San Martín had already noticed the lack of control in the area

For weeks Stallholders from Parque San Martín had been warning of a lack of control and a liberated area with the presence of hundreds of peddlers who arrived from the celebration of El Milagro and were settled there, now the lack of control claimed the life of a young man.

Carlos Godoy, representative of the Association of Native Craftsmen and the Street Vendors Center, He had already submitted a note to the Municipality warning about the irregular situation.

As published FM Professional, the fairgrounds indicated that the place “It seems no man’s land”, that do not pay taxes, added to “unfair competition” and the sale of food without any type of food control.

In the note presented on October 7, the vendors warned that if some type of measure is not taken from the municipal executive, they will see “Forced to take other measures to claim” for the rights “for which they pay.”

It was in this context that the terrible crime of Nahuel Vilte, 21, his family had a sales position and had a strong fight with a partner, Apparently there his sister was beaten in the face and that information reached the victim who went to claim one of the accused.

The witnesses assure that they got into a fight and Rafael Falcón appeared, friend of the couple identified as the one who started the conflict and he cut his throat causing his death in just minutes.

Hours later and in the middle of the strong conflict, stallholders set fire to the place where the defendants worked in protest.

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