Facundo Altamira: a story of suffering and perseverance

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Altamira left the field of play, sat on the bench and burst into tears, perhaps without understanding the reason for his departure. Then he went to the audience with the rest of the companions who were comforting him.

The attacker’s story

“I suffered two ligament tears in both knees, the first was in 2018 playing in the fifth division, and the left was in 2020. They are one of the worst injuries that a player can touch, I thought about quitting football and dedicating myself to study and I thank the people who supported me to get ahead. I suffered those two injuries and kept going, now the reward has come, “the player told Ovation a few days ago.

This boy came to the wine club at the age of 15 from Atlético San Martín de Mendoza. When he arrived at the Tomba, it was very difficult for him to adapt to the rhythm of the inferiors of the AFA and he almost returned to the Chacarero, but he was finally able to consolidate.

It is a story full of overcoming and perseverance, since for these reasons some footballers tend to stay on the road, but Altamira went ahead and had his reward.

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