Faced with an increase in wells, low arsenic concentration in Torreón: Simas

The general manager of Simas Torreón, Juan José Gómez Hernández, said that the volume of water produced in this city has increased due to the drilling of new wells, reaching 87 million cubic meters (Mm3) per year, 5 million more than that reported by the National Water Commission (Conagua) in the technical studies for the Healthy Water project for La Laguna.

In this sense, he explained that, as the volume of water increases, the concentration of arsenic is diluted, which is why it is currently reported that 18 percent of the volume is outside the Official Mexican Standard of the Secretariat of Health, which establishes a permissible limit of 0.025 milligrams per liter, and not 55 percent as mentioned in the Conagua diagnosis.

“We have drilled new wells that are giving us a greater flow than we had previously, so if it is more water, it dilutes (the arsenic) because we increase the volume of water,” he said.

“The most important thing is the number of users who are harmed by this water, we consider that there are 40 thousand users, which is equivalent to 18 percent of the total amount we have, but as our entire network is interconnected, at the time that it is diluted with the water that is within the norm, it would lower this concentration (of arsenic) “, he commented.

The official said that an analysis will be carried out by the para-municipal in some sectors where it is known that there are nearby wells outside the norm, to know the level of concentration that the user receives, although he indicated that, based on the operation that has the Simas, all the homes receive the water within the norm.

He indicated that Simas serves 220,000 users in Torreón.

The diagnosis is included in the document called Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Healthy Water Project for La Laguna and refers to the pure extraction in the wells and not to the way it is distributed in homes, since there are filters at the foot of the well , intra-residential and volume mixtures, among other mechanisms, to improve quality.

In the north and part of the east of Torreón, Simas Rural serves, which also supplies Matamoros and Viesca. This organization reported a produced volume of 11 million 318 m3 / year, of which 6 million 519 thousand 346 are within the norm, 42% of the volume would be above the concentration of arsenic.

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