Fabiola Yáñez received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine

The first lady “is in excellent health,” the official report detailed. “I will report permanently on the evolution of the aforementioned pregnancy,” indicated the report signed by Dr. Federico Saavedra, of the aforementioned medical unit.

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On the 23rd of last month the national government had confirmed Yáñez’s pregnancy, also through the same doctor.

Fabiola Yañez’s vaccination was registered just 19 days after her pregnancy was officially announced. On September 23, it was confirmed that the first lady is pregnant through a statement from the Presidential Medical Unit.

In that occasion, the government made the announcement about the first lady when she was in the 10th week of a pregnancy. According to the statement also signed by Saavedra, the health status of the president’s partner Alberto Fernandez he was good and was “under strict medical supervision.”

“The presidential medical unit will provide public opinion with information on the evolution of the pregnancy in order to communicate accurately,” the report concluded. Weeks before confirmation, they had started circulate photos of Yáñez, during an act, in which she appeared to be pregnant.

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