Extortionist fell when she went to return the stolen iPhone in exchange for $ 12,000: she had 15 more cell phones and almost 300 "lucas"

A 27-year-old girl was detained In the last few hours, when he met a 1-year-old girl8 years to charge you 12,000 pesos to return your cell phone stolen days ago in Mar del Plata.

The investigation began on August 30 when a teenager reported at the police station that the previous day an iPhone 6 cell phone and From the social network Facebook they had contacted her to return it in exchange for 12,000 pesos.

The victim, with the consent of the Prosecutor’s Office No. 12, in charge of Juan Pablo Lódola and the personnel of the DDI of Mar del Plata, I agree the place and time of delivery of the money in exchange for the phone.

The exchange took place yesterday at the intersection of Luro and Arturo Alió avenues, in the western part of the seaside resort, where the Buenos Aires police officers detained the accused.

After his arrest, his backpack was required and inside he had 15 cell phones, in addition to that of the victim, and 285,000 pesos.

Unable to specify the origin of the phones and money, t Everyone was kidnapped.

The prosecution reported that the victim was able to recover her cell phone, while the detainee was notified of the initiation of a case for the crime of “Attempted extortion”.

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