explosive discussion between Cristiano and Cuadrado

The journey of Cristiano Ronaldo For Italy it was not entirely pleasant. The Portuguese seemed not to have enjoyed his last days at Juventus and this was revealed by the documentary All or Nothing, an Amazon Prime production that will see the light soon. In a trailer an explosive and unexpected discussion with Juan Guillermo Cuadrado in the changing rooms served to attract the attention of the public.

CR7 is a competitive animal. He hates losing and always tries to infect his people in pursuit of victory. His attitude is positive at times, but other times it creates tension and sparks among his colleagues. The docuserie showed a small episode that was lived in Vecchia Signora last season and that perfectly reflects that.

Tense moment in Turin. (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)

In an adverse context, Juve faced Porto for the second leg of the Champions League round of 16. After the first half, Cristiano got angry and entered the locker room screaming about everything. “We’re going to do something else. What the fuck! We don’t touch anything. We always play like shit,” he snapped.

Square was the only one who reacted and tried to calm him down with a kind “calm”, but the thing got up in tone. “You have to be an example for everyone”, the coffee grower threw him face to face. The Bug did not remain silent and replied: “I also include myself eh, we are not playing anything. You have to tell the truth. It’s a Champions League game, you have to have personality.”

The discussion between Cristiano and Cuadrado

It was Andrea Pirlo, by then DT of the team, who put cold cloths on the situation. “Enough, enough there. Enough Cris, enough Juan”, were the conciliatory words of the coach.

Cristiano’s wake-up call worked. Juventus turned the game around and took the series to the extension, winning 3-2, but unfortunately they would be eliminated after falling 2-1 in Portugal. Porto took the tickets to the quarterfinals and turned off the illusions of the Turin cast.

Porto was the one who celebrated.  (Marco BERTORELLO / AFP)

Porto was the one who celebrated. (Marco BERTORELLO / AFP)

The crisis in the Bianconeri gradually increased. They fell back early in Europe, failed to retain the Scudetto in Serie A and criticism of the Portuguese doubled. This is how the ex-Real Madrid left, who ended up returning to his home, Manchester United.

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