Expertise rules out that Marília Mendonça’s plane pilots suffered sudden illness in flight

The pilot and the copilot who were conducting the singer Marília Mendonça’s flight to Caratinga (MG) had no health problems on the day of the accident, concluded expert examinations released this Thursday (25) by delegate Ivan Lopes Sales, regional delegate of the Civil Police of the city of Minas Gerais. The aircraft crashed in Piedade de Caratinga (MG) on November 5th, near a local airfield, taking the life of the singer, the pilot, Geraldo Martins de Medeiros, the co-pilot Tarciso Pessoa Viana, the producer Henrique Bahia, and the uncle and adviser to the sertaneja, Abiceli Silveira Dias Filho.

Aiming to rule out hypotheses of problems external to the aircraft, the first reports concluded by the investigation determined whether the crew was shot at by a firearm or whether the pilot and co-pilot could have suffered a sudden illness, lines now discarded. The report indicates that the five victims did not die during the fall, but with the impact on the ground, suffering multiple trauma.

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The delegate highlighted that the conclusion about the causes of the aircraft crash still depends on the reports of Cenipa (Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents), which still does not have a deadline for conclusion. One of the lines being investigated is whether the vehicle was impacted when it hit a power distribution cable near the landing site, as reported by Cemig (Minas Gerais Electric Company) – a cable was found wrapped around one of the propellers .

The investigation works with the information that the tower in question was outside the protected area of ​​the Caratinga Aerodrome, but does not confirm whether the cable was actually the transmission line and states that an investigation is being conducted by CREA-MG to investigate the question.

In addition to preliminary examinations of the victims, the Civil Police also collected statements from some of those involved in the case, such as the owner of the company to which the aircraft belonged and another pilot, who even spoke with the flight commander, Geraldo Martins de Medeiros Júnior , while he was already performing the landing procedures.

“This pilot and the one who had an accident spoke on the radio. And at no time did he report any problem on the aircraft, he (Geraldo) reported that he was aware of what he was doing, but what stands out is that he was already in the ‘wind leg of 02’, which means he was already in landing procedure. When he says that, through the hearing of this pilot, the estimate is that the pilot who had an accident was 1 minute, 1 and a half minutes away from landing”, detailed the delegate at a press conference this Thursday afternoon.

Lopes also explained that, considering the short distance between the plane and the runway, the aircraft “would not have suffered any problems”, although the investigation is still considering the hypothesis of an engine failure.

“There is a second line that there may have been a problem with the engines that caused the low altitude of the aircraft, causing the collision, but then we wait for the reports from Seripa 03 [órgão do Cenipa], to see, with the conclusion, if it will be possible to affirm that these engines did not present any type of defect”, he explained.

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