Expert opined that the Mu variant detected in Salta is not "so worrisome"

The infectious disease doctor Luis Cámera shared important information regarding the Mu variant of the coronavirus, which was detected in a 33-year-old woman who resides in Salta.

The specialist indicated that this variant became predominant especially in Colombia during the last two months, although he highlighted the paradox that the Mu can displace other variants but for the moment an explosion of cases is not envisioned, as is the case with the Delta.

“The Mu variant is like turning off the wave,” said Cámera, while he was reassuring by ensuring that he does not see it “as worrying, because the cases are not increasing.”

The physician even warned that perhaps “it may be that, perhaps, the last variant to appear.”

Luis Cámera warned about the Mu variant

The Mu variant is considered of interest by the World Health Organization because it shows less neutralization in the virus by the antibodies generated against a previous infection or vaccination.

“Mu is under surveillance by the WHO to define its implications. It has not yet demonstrated impact in terms of severity or lethality of coronavirus. For now, it is known that it is effective for the available vaccines, ”said Herrera.

He also explained that cases have already been reported in several provinces of Argentina and in different countries of America and the world.

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