Even if they have COVID-19, Uruguay will allow Argentine residents to enter the country in their private vehicles

A new measure was adopted this morning by the Uruguayan authorities, who indicated that in the new decree, Uruguayan citizens or foreigners residing in the country will be able to enter their private vehicles, even if they have a positive test for coronavirus.

Immediately, President Lacalle Pou stated that the individual or family group that enters the country must comply with the corresponding isolation when they arrive at their home and respect the measures in force. In turn, the obligation for tourists to be swabbed a week before their entry was eliminated.

Uruguay, like most of the world, broke a record for cases. In this sense, yesterday 10,650 new infections and 6 deaths were registered. In this way, the figure of 65 thousand people who are currently positive was reached and of the total so far 55 people are hospitalized in intensive care beds.

This morning Lacalle Pou and Daniel Salinas, Minister of Health, gave a press conference and assured that they do not plan to close the borders that have been open for two months, and that the health situation is not stressed by the good percentage of vaccination. The country already has 80.6% of people inoculated with one dose, 77.2% with two doses and 46.7% with a booster vaccine.

“It is not good that Uruguayans have to stay outside, even if they have taken a risk, we take care of them here. In addition, our context is one of high circulation. We always adapt to different situations,” Salinas said on his social network. (NA)

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