Evaluna and Camilo are expecting their first child

This Thursday, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner released their single “Indigo”, but the real news was much more than a new song for the couple in artistic and real life. It was treated in the way that the Colombian and the Venezuelan chose to announce that they are expecting their first child. And he revolutionized his family and his fans around the world, who waited for the news with the same anxiety.

The video clip of the song tells of a love story that seems to be limited to their own, which after three years united them in marriage in February 2020, so similar and so different from any other. However, at one point she sings: “Good things take time sometimes. I had to wait nine months for you ”and the shot moves away to focus on her belly. In profile, her husband’s kiss; from the front the hands forming a heart, and the life that is re-signified from this moment on.

“I want to have you very close to me / stuck like glue / I’m going to buy you some sunglasses / Because the future looks bright,” they sing as a way of gratitude and happiness. With this dramatic twist, Camilo and Evaluna change the concept and scenery of the clip. From the natural environment, with dances in the immensity of the open air, they pass to a summary of what the song had just told.

As if it were a flashback, the footage shows the couple’s excitement when they learned that the pregnancy test had come back positive. The reaction of the families, his parents who wake up with the news and her clan – his parents Ricardo and Marlene, his brothers Mau and Ricky, his sisters-in-law Sara Escobar and Stefi Roitman – are moved between laughter and tears . And then the friends appear and the arc widens. At the same time, it multiplies in fanatics around the world, who go through the platforms and social networks to leave their greeting to the couple. In a matter of hours, the video climbed to four million views only on the Colombian’s official YouTube channel.

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