Eugenio Derbez lost a baby before Vadhir was born

Eugenio Derbez It has been characterized by its multiple love affairs, of which four children have resulted with different partners, but what few know is that before Vadhir derbez came into his life, the Mexican comedian was waiting for the arrival of a baby that was not achieved.

This confession was made by the mother of Vadhir Derbez, Silvana Prince, who explained how he met Eugenio Derbez, how they fell in love and also clarified that his relationship with the actor from “No refunds”It was not as fleeting as some thought.

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It was through a talk that Silvana Prince had with her son Vadhir, through the young actor’s channel, that the woman said that she met Eugenio Derbez In Puebla, this while a beauty contest was developed to choose Miss Puebla, there Silvana went with her group to liven up the show.

While Eugenio Derbez was helping the contestants on and off the stage, later, behind the scenes, the couple met, exchanged numbers and almost immediately began dating and according to Silvana Prince they were together for almost four years, until they separated in 1991.

By then Vadhir Derbez had already been born and was a few months old, that is why some people assumed that Silvana and the actor from “How to be a Latin Lover“They were only together for a year, but according to the singer, they were together for almost four years.

Even the female confessed that about a year before Vadhir Derbez was born, she and Eugenio Derbez lost another baby, which had an impact on the second child of the Mexican producer because until that moment he had not found out what happened in the past from his parents.

Eugenio Derbez cheated on Silvana Prince

Silvana also told that she participated in a comedy show called Fellatio in which Eugenio Derbez was also directed and that it was directed by Luis Ernesto Cano, but when Silvana was eight months pregnant, she asked someone to fill in for her and she invited Victoria Ruffo to a Press conference.

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And according to Silvana said, that night the protagonist of the reality show “Traveling with the Derbez“He allegedly cheated on her with Victoria Ruffo and continued dating her even after Vadhir Derbez was born and within a few months the queen of soap operas became pregnant with Jose Eduardo Derbez.

When Silvana Prince found out, he ran Eugenio Derbez from his apartment and then the man who gives life to Ludovico P. Luche in the Family P. Fight, He went to live with Victoria Ruffo, that is why Vadhir and José Eduardo have barely a year and months of age difference.

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