EU will donate another 200 million anticovid vaccines to low-income countries

The European Union (EU) will donate another 200 million doses of covid-19 vaccines to low-income countries until the middle of next year, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced on Wednesday.

“I can announce that the Commission will add a new donation of 200 million doses,” the official said in a speech to the European Parliament on the State of the Union.

“It is an investment in solidarity, and also in global health,” he said..

Von der Leyen said that the EU had already donated 250 million doses of vaccine anticovid, but pointed out that there is a huge disparity in vaccination campaigns globally.

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“With less than 1% of global doses administered in low-income countries, the magnitude of the injustice and the level of urgency is obvious,” he said.

The German official applauded the effort made in the European bloc, which has already managed to fully vaccinate 70% of its adult population.

Von der Leyen stated that Europe has done more than any other region in the world to deliver vaccine doses to other countries, and pointed out that half of the 1,400 million doses produced in its territory have been exported to other destinations.

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