Ester Exposito shows off green hair and they tell her "even so you are still the most beautiful"

The actress famous Ester Exposito presumes her green hair and they say “even so you are still the most beautiful”, and is that the beautiful actress who participated in the Netflix series, Elite Together with Danna Paola, she now poses with a much shorter and somewhat extravagant mane.

Such a new style It is the one that the native of Madrid, Spain presumes in her most recent appearance on the internet, which impresses more than one who immediately writes to her sincerely and although they prefer her hair a thousand times blondeThey have no choice but to accept the beauty of Ester Exposito.

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The Spanish film and television actress has shown that the verde of her eyes can match perfectly with her hair, which looks somewhat casual and shiny and ultra short, it is a bob cut with bangs, which is one of the trends for fall 2021.

Always ahead of the curve, never inadequate, Ester Exposito remains at the forefront with her new look, although somewhat exotic, the participant of the Netflix movie, Someone has to die poses with a phosphorescent green arm net, and a blouse in white.

To their 21 years old, Ester Exposito looks like a queen of beauty and her new style has been very well received by her most loyal followers who immediately filled her comment box with green hearts and phrases like: “Full stack my girl”, “Peliverde“and” Now green is my favorite color. “

Maybe the ex-girlfriend of the Mexican actor Alexander Speitzer he got tired of so much glamor that he wasted on the Venice Film Festival, which was just held in Italy after looking spectacular in the most famous luxury brands such as Versace and Dolce&Gabbana Now Ester Exposito is simpler with a green wig.

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And it is that behind the French style of the long nails by Ester Exposito, you can clearly see that it’s all about artificial hair superimposed on the beautiful woman of 1.66 in height, if even the renowned photographer Victor Blanco told her: “New look for the next event hahaha” as a mockery.

The recognized artist who started his career on screens in the year 2013 A perfect black cat eye outline also stands out in her makeup. Maybe the whole show is about an appearance in a new series or a movie, the truth is that it keeps everyone on their toes.

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His fans will have to wait to find out if all the green hair It is a new character from Ester Exposito, to see his with more of his publications such as the recent photograph in his official account of Instagram, reveals more clues to deciphering what his style is all about.

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