Ernesto Pimentel hopes to walk again after hip operation: “I want to play with my son” | The blowout of the chola | avascular necrosis | Shows

Ernesto Pimentel underwent hip surgery due to avascular necrosis that he suffers in that area of ​​the body and that possibly increased due to the HIV treatments that the América TV driver has been carrying for several years, according to statements by the doctor who treats him .

Regarding the successful surgery that was carried out on January 6, the TV figure has been recovering favorably, but there is one issue that still worries him: walking again.

Ernesto Pimental talks about his post-operation recovery process

The actor who gives life to the Chola Chabuca in El reventonazo de la Chola, announced that he is recovering little by little, and with the recommendations of his specialist doctor. She also noted that she hopes to walk again to play with her little one and be close to her audience very soon.


Along these lines, Pimentel thanked all the people who cared and prayed for his health, and who now wish him a prosperous recovery.

This procedure challenges me because it is a situation where I have to start walking again., but I am a person of faith, so, ”he said.

Ernesto Pimentel underwent a hip transplant after 8 years of motor difficulties. Photo: Ernesto Pimentel / Instagram

Ernesto Pimentel says that this operation was one of the most complicated of his life

The 51-year-old interpreter also said that this surgical intervention was a challenge and one of the most complicated he has undergone in his life, but he thanks God that everything went well.


“This was a hip transplant operation. They removed the head of the femur, to put a prosthesis and this will help me walk (…) I have already undergone some operations, but this was one of the most complicated that I had to face“, Said the artist.

Ernesto Pimentel underwent surgery on January 6. Photo: Ernesto Pimentel / Instagram

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