Epa Colombia revealed that politicians are looking for her and she is not going to “let them buy”

The presidential and legislative elections are approaching in the country and candidates are beginning to seek support from well-known public figures to win votes. In social networks, the opinion of several celebrities has already been seen on this topic that is currently a trend.

Precisely, the young businesswoman Daneidy Barrera Rojas, popularly known as Epa Colombia, She spoke about it revealing that there have been several politicians who have been looking for her to join their campaigns.

The content creator took it out on her followers through her stories of Instagram noting that they have even offered him money to receive their support, taking into account the great influence that he currently has.

But nevertheless, Epa He decided to make his position clear on the 2022 elections and mentioned that he prefers to refuse all offers, that is, not to support any political campaign.

“Friend let’s talk, you do not know how many politicians have offered me money, you do not know what they have wanted to do with me, but I have not lent myself to that clown”, He said.

Then, she recalled how grateful she is to those who have believed in her endeavor and bought her hair products, stating that the only people she owes her growth in the market are to her followers.

“I’m going to tell you something, the one who took me forward was you, the one who buys me is you, not them. I do not owe anything to anyone, I already paid the favors that they had done me, I am not going to support any campaign, any politician, any party because my friendship is worth more than me to start receiving money and not having you “, Daneidy added.

With the aim of not receiving more offers of this type, the businesswoman reiterated that she was not leaving “let buy”.

In the clip Epa Colombia She also complained because, according to her, she is tired of Dian’s constant surveillance of her hair salons.

“I have two or three Dian officials asking for me all day. How much do I sell, how many keratins did I sell, to get the money from me “, he claimed.

Finally, he referred to the controversial words of the mayor Claudia lopez on the restrictive measures in terms of mobility related to the peak and license plate, indicating that the solution for those who were not comfortable was to sell the vehicle.

“Getting ahead is so difficult. And if you have to pay taxes, then sell the car, what? They want to see you here, it’s poor … That’s why friend, support the right, the left, the middle, the center. , does not give it “, concluded.

Click to see the video. Photo: Instagram

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