Environmental disaster: with 20 blocks affected, they seek to stop the sewage river in Córdoba

More than 500 people affected by streets and houses flooded with sewage waste, 20 families evacuated in hotels and three fronts of works to divert sewage, that is the panorama faced by the residents of the neighborhoods Alberdi and Villa Paez in the city of Córdoba.

“We have managed to begin to break the disaster area,” said the Secretary of Government, Miguel Siciliano, this Wednesday at a press conference from the tent set up in the neighborhood center of Villa Páez.

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Since last Friday, the families that live on Igualdad street a few meters from Remonda and in Arturo Orgaz, between Igualdad and Tablada, have suffered from the sewage river that formed in front of their houses and even advanced inside the houses.

Sewer overflow in Alberdi and Villa Páez

On Tuesday the Municipality took action on the matter, filed a criminal complaint to investigate the responsible company and set up a crisis committee in the area to assist the victims.

At the edge of the neighborhoods located northeast of the Cordovan capital, the authorities identified an underground junction. On Calle Igualdad is the main obstruction that caused the sanitary collapse.

“We are reducing the contribution basins to be able to reduce the liquid to a minimum, open the pipe and identify what is obstructing that pipe,” said the undersecretary of municipal infrastructure Juan Jose Tuninetti.

The official explained that in order to “dry” the critical area, a series of detours were arranged towards the northwest collector.

The other critical front is Orgaz street where the tasks are concentrated on “uncovering the entire pipe to reach the cradle and guarantee that it is not loose,” Tuninetti said.

In the middle of this minefield, families try to cope with their day to day fear of losing their belongings. Some even feared abandoning their homes at the risk of possible encroachment.

In this regard, Siciliano tried to bring peace of mind: “The municipal state is going to accompany all the neighbors. We are not going to let any neighbor lose something that this took him.”

However, under the environmental disaster, the deadlines for returning to normality are far from having a certain date.

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