Yola Polastri criticizes Nataniel Sánchez’s behavior: “Dirty mouth, he disrespects his mother” | Maria Pia Copello | entertainment

Yola Polastri spoke loud and clear about the conduct of Nataniel Sánchez, who had revealed that as a child a former child cheerleader would have verbally assaulted her. In this regard, the remembered “TV Girl” questioned her behavior with her loved ones.

In statements to a local media, she was surprised by what she said and assured that she also lacks respect for people. “It was . It is evident that it is a dirty mouth, ”said the 72-year-old artist.

Yola Polastri attacks Nataniel Sánchez. Photo: diffusion

He recommended that he watch his manners and vocabulary because he is a public figure and could play against him. “How is she going to tell him coj ***, even if they treat each other like that,” he revealed Polastri.

“That should stay at home. I see that he only eats and disrespects his mother, “he added to El Popular.


Yola Polastri heading to 50 years in children’s animation

On the other hand, Yola Polastri He talked about his preparations for his 50 years of artistic career. She said that he has already started with the celebrations for half a century in children’s animation.

I stayed on the screen for 25 years with the same program”, he commented.

He added that he is still in force to date and is working on his campaign Recovering values. He assured that he does not need a screen to continue his work.

Yola Polastri prepares the celebration of her 50 years of artistic career. Photo: Instagram


María Pía denies having mistreated Nataniel

Nataniel Sánchez’s accusation reached the ears of María Pía Copello. Many users assured that the tiktoker was the one who shouted at the actress, since they worked together years ago.

Rodrigo González was in charge of saying what the influencer told him on the subject. “What he told me was that they were a group of more than 25 boys (…) It was not because he made a mistake in a dance step, because it is not a function of María Pía, according to what he told me: ‘What can I do? to yell at someone,'” he explained.

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Witness confirms mistreatment of María Pía to Nataniel Sánchez

TikTok celebrity Dannya, who was a former dancer in ‘María Pía y Timoteo’, confirmed that the children’s entertainer verbally assaulted Nataniel Sánchez.

“It’s something that was totally true because I was there (…) ‘Listen to me (Nataniel), you can’t be wrong because I’m following you,'” the tiktoker reported.

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Nataniel Sánchez recounts fight with AFHS producer

Nataniel Sánchez told in an interview that he discussed with a producer of “In the background there is a place”. According to the actress, she did not let her continue with her studies.

I asked his permission for many years, but he denied it, until I told him: ‘Are you leaving me or am I going?’ That disappointed me,” he recounted.

Nataniel Sánchez revealed that he faced problems in “In the background there is a place”. Photo: composition file GLR/America TV

Yola Polastri shares a photo with Mick Jagger

The children’s entertainer used her Twitter account to share a curious anecdote with her followers, as she uploaded a photo with the singer Mick Jagger and remembered how she met him in Peru.

“Mick Jagger entered the restaurant where I was with tourist friends, he was recording ‘Fitzcarraldo’, my friends and I jumped too, and we took a picture; the bride stood aside. Anecdote, people asked me and Mick Jagger for autographs, right? (laughs) I cab’t get no satisfaction,” he commented.

Yola Polastry took a photo with Mick Jagger. Photo: Yola Polastry/Twitter.

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