Ying Yang Twins rapper faints during concert and scares fans

D-ROC was rushed to the hospital carried by his team.

The singer D-Roc, a member of the Ying Yang Twins, gave his fans a scare after having to leave the show in Springfield, Missouri. They were special guests on the setlist of a fair called Empire Fair, but the artist felt sick 30 minutes later and left the stage carried by security. It is worth noting that the event continued to happen normally after the big scare.

Hours later, the rapper used Instagram Stories to speak out and reassure fans. According to him, the reason was dehydration, as it was very hot and he had not taken enough water. He even insisted that he was fine and that he just needed water, isotonic and rest. The artist and the brother Kaine are active with Ying Yang Twins since 1997.

Photo: The Teal Mango

In a video, the rapper said he was complaining about the hot weather before the show, until he realized he had passed out when he woke up in a golf cart with paramedics at his side. With changes in the climate, hydration is necessary. However in another case, a Brazilian MC, passed out while jumping into the crowd during a show.

Mc Hair decided to make his traditional leap into the audience during a show, but ended up falling to the ground. The singer was rushed off stage on the shoulders of a visibly passed out security guard. When he was already recovered, the artist explained in a sequence of stories that he is used to these jumps and always warns his security guards to stay tuned, but this time something went out of the way.

“I’m coming here to tell you I’m fine, you know! Bro, you don’t know what happened, I was doing my show at The Choice and I invented jumping in the audience, you know? As a general rule bro, as I’ve done it before, but this time it was really bad bro”.

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