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“El poder del amor 2″, the reality show that captivates audiences throughout Latin America, is nearing its grand finale. Millions of fans have the chance to save their favorite contestant and vote for victory on this show where well-known men and women seek romance. We tell you how to support your favorite ONLINE and in an easy way.

Currently, there are 18 contestants left on the second season of this successful Turkish reality show. Among them we find the Peruvians Alexandra Balarezo and Luis Miguel Castro, who have aroused great support in their country and in several others. Day by day, the different incidents of the Istanbul house are available on Ecuavisa, YouTube and Twitch.


How to vote in “The power of love 2″?

To help your favorite participant in “The power of love 2” with your vote, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to this link https://elpoderdelamor.tv/
  • Click on the ‘Final Vote’ tab
  • Sign in with your Google or Facebook account
  • Choose the participant of your choice.

Voting LINK in “The power of love 2″

The official LINK to vote in the reality show “El poder del amor 2″ is as follows: elpoderdelamor.tv/votacion-final. Once there, you just have to click on the option of the participant whom you want to help win. Remember that you can vote once a day for a male and a female participant.

The user will have the option to vote for two members of each house. Photo: The power of love/Instagram


Who are the participants of “The power of love 2022″?

These are the contestants who continue to compete in “The power of love 2″:

  • Nathalie Carvajal (Colombia)
  • Karina Linnet (Panama)
  • Solimar Figueroa (Puerto Rico)
  • Woldie Duron (Honduras)
  • Lizbeth Cordero (Puerto Rico)
  • Melissa Porras (Colombia)
  • DJ Karr (Argentina)
  • Alexandra Balarezo (Peru)
  • Matthew Varela (Colombia)
  • Gus Leone (Honduras)
  • Fredito Mathews (Puerto Rico)
  • Asaf Torres (Puerto Rico)
  • Sergio Mendez (Bolivia)
  • Julian Torres (Panama)
  • Gaston Asin (Bolivia)
  • Hernan del Pozo (Ecuador)
  • Luis Miguel Castro (Peru)
  • Joshua Caballero (Colombia).

Participants of “The power of love 2”. On the show on Sunday the 12th, Melissa was a candidate to be eliminated, but she was saved by a new mechanism. Photo: Channel 11 Honduras

What happens to the contestant with the most votes?

The participant who has the most votes from the public will receive an immunity pin that will free him from being removed in the elimination galas. In the final votes of “The power of love 2″the contestants with the most votes will be the winners of the reality show.


What is “The Power of Love” about?

The reality show brings together men and women from all over Latin America to live together in a house for a period of time, so that one can win a great economic prize. Among the rooms in the house, the so-called Red Room stands out, where potential couples can talk as long as they want and even experience more intimate moments.

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How to see the full chapters of “The Power of Love”?

The premiere episodes of “The power of love 2″ are issued through Ecuavisa. You can also find each broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the reality show. Likewise, you can find out about all the incidents of the show through La República Espectaculos.

Who hosts the program “The power of love”?

The Mexican model and actress Penélope Menchaca is the current presenter of “El poder del amor 2″ and is in charge of guiding the participants.

Penélope Menchaca is the main host of the reality show. Photo: composition/Instagram

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