With a funny photo, Prince William wishes a happy Father’s Day

With a funny photo, Prince William wishes a happy Father’s Day. | Special: Instagram Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

With a funny photo, Prince William wishes a happy Father’s Day. In the company of his children George; 8 years old; Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 4, the Duke of Cambridge posed for a souvenir photo that was also used as a postcard to commemorate the celebration in honor of their parents.

The postcard was published on the official account of Instagram of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, through which the most relevant activities of Kate Middleton and Prince William are shared on a daily basis; for example, they recently attended the Berkshire races and were part of the traditional carriage procession.

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Now, on the occasion of Father’s Day, William surprised with the photograph in which both he and his children wear casual clothes and according to summer; in fact, Charlotte holds sunglasses in her hands. The most tender thing is that the three little ones come out smiling with emotion, while the Duke of Cambridge is shown as a proud father.

The caption reads “Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to fathers and grandfathers around the world today!” The brief, but concise message fell in love with the followers who congratulated William on Father’s Day, in addition to thanking him for being aware of his followers and still told him that the postcard is beautiful because she is in the company of her children.

“Those smiles. Happy Father’s Day”, “Happy Father’s Day, William, you have a lovely little family”, “beautiful family and fabulous future king!” and “Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo” are some of the comments that are read in the publication.

You have to remember for the time differencein the United Kingdom it is already June 19, that is, it is officially Father’s Day, unlike Mexico and Latin American countries, where the celebration is tomorrow, Sunday.

To seize the occasion, some people congratulated Prince William in advance on hisu 40th birthdaysince his birthday is June 21, so his birthday is the following Tuesday.

Because of this, royal experts have indicated that this is an important moment for William, since reaching the fourth floor means entering a stage of his life in which will continue with his preparation to be kinga role that in his youth generated fear and insecurity, but now means joy and honor because he will represent his entire dynasty.

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