Why is passion lost

The lack of passion in the couple indicates that people continue to feel affection and have common interests, but the flame has gone out or weakened too much, a problem that affects practically all couples, to a greater or lesser extent, but fortunately it can be fuel.

Passion is a very special feeling characterized by an increase in dopamine and norepinephrine levels and a decrease in serotonin. Those who support this hypothesis affirm that this brain chemistry can be maintained for one or three years.

A couple relationship could be destined to suffer a physiological decrease in passion, however, studies have shown that it is not a merely physiological process but is also determined by expectations, habits and behaviors.

Some reasons why passion is lost are:


According to specialists, the most common cause that ends passion is boredom and routine. When people always maintain the same habits and do not include new incentives in their intimate life, the action in bed ends up being monotonous and not very stimulating.

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Physical neglect

But in addition, living together often makes both members of the couple neglect their physical appearance so that they no longer turn out to be as attractive as at the beginning of their love relationship.

Lack of details

With the passage of time, the details with which they were conquered at the beginning of the love relationship also begin to be lost because people mistakenly assume that displays of affection are not necessary.

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Little coexistence

The social commitments of the members of the couple also undermine passion because it causes them to move away and barely have time to dedicate themselves to each other and live really satisfying moments of intimacy.


Tiredness and stress also diminish the passion of many couples, but the good news is that the flame can be stoked. If members are alone, calm, rested, and dedicated to one another, they can rediscover that spark.

Experts say that when the couple come together in an attempt to meet again, they can fan the flame that seemed extinct and even experience more motivating and passionate encounters than those that lived before.

Specialists point out that with the passage of time, if passion does not recover, there is a risk that love ends up being exhausted, but they clarify that before reaching that extreme, it is possible to rekindle it.

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