Why are we afraid of getting old?

Why are we afraid of getting old? | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL

Because we have fear of getting old. With the passage of time we look in the mirror and discover a little wrinkle in our brow, a crow’s feet or we notice that our body is no longer as firm as before; then when we turn years, without realizing it, we no longer want to say our age.

Little by little we face aging and it can generate fear. Many people say that after 40 everything goes down, as if it were the decline of the life. However, it should not be like that, on the contrary, you should be proud of every wrinkle you have on your face or hands, because it means that you have lived and that you continue in this world.

Although the passage of time is inevitable, many people do not accept it and submit to Cosmetic surgeries or to beauty treatments, which for a while help to stay young, although later the results are usually worse. However, specialists explain that it is normal for the aging arouse fear in people.

Beyond vanity, worries about aging they have a background in the lives of many, regardless of age. Somehow, the influence of some cultures promotes the perception that old age involves negative attitudes. So fears are often based on cultural stereotypes or prejudices.

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Added to this are other reasons, such as the fear of loss, of independence, of loved ones, of our physical and mental abilities and, of course, of our own lives. According to the specialist, Becca Levy, prejudices are the result of a combination of internal fears and social stigma.

This concern is reinforced by the industry focused on anti-aging, which makes millions of profits in exchange for magical products that supposedly delay the passage of time in our physique. To counteract this fear, specialists have conducted studies from the Yale Research Center on Aging.

Why are we afraid of getting old?

One of the most important results they have found so far is the mentality change about ageing. It turns out that elderly people who received positive messages about aging they showed improvement in both physical functions and self-image.

However, those who did not receive information that reinforced positive images of aging and helped reduce negative stereotypes did not show improvement. So they recommended that the best thing you can do on your own is learn to refute those negative messages about aging.

Why are we afraid of getting old?

Scholars are aware that fears about aging can include fears about getting hurt, anxiety about illness, and worries about death. However, research has shown that many older people tend to be happier than younger people.

In this regard, Laura Carstensen, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity explained to Psychology Today that: “people’s goals and reasoning change as they reach Appreciate your mortality and they recognize that their time on Earth is finite. When people face endings, they tend to shift from goals about exploring and expanding horizons to goals about savoring relationships and focusing on meaningful activities.

So, the suggestion is that instead of worrying about getting old and thinking about all the things you will lose, try reset your thoughts. Direct your attention to what is truly emotionally significant to you. Enjoy what you do and the time with your loved ones. If you change your mindset about aging you will discover that you can live happier.

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