Who was the tennis player who fell in love with Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek She knew how to make the whole world fall in love with her beauty and acting talent, but few were the ones who have conquered her heart. She is now happily married to the businessman Francois-Henri Pinaultbut before she had an affair with a famous Chilean athlete. Thanks to the mother of her former partner, details of this romance that began in 2004 were revealed.

Is about Nicholas Massua young athlete who became relevant in the world of tennis after the Olympics in Athens, Greece, where he won two medals. The athlete commented at the time that it was she who first sought him out to meet him, through a Chilean producer who was working with the Mexican actress.

Sonia Fried, mother of Nicolás Massú, detailed in an interview how was that fleeting romance that her son had with the artist from Veracruz. In the statements that she gave for the Chilean program “But with respect”, she referred to this relationship with a touch of humor where she said that Salma was her daughter-in-law. “She was my daughter-in-law. What a level!” she asserted.

The tennis player’s mother assured that Salma Hayek sent him gifts and spoke on the phone with them. “I talked to her on the phone and everything,” she declared. Sonia clarified that she was only limited to thanking them for the gifts they sent her and her children. Another detail that Fried gave was that when she found out about the relationship, she did not doubt what she was learning, and confirmed that it was the actress who took the first step. “She was the one who sought him out when she won her medals and she wanted to meet him,” Fried said. He was also encouraged to theorize about the reasons why the actress was attracted to her son. She said that she assumes it was the determination, the “claw” of the former tennis player at the time of winning the double medal at the Olympic Games, and that this would have caught the attention of the Mexican because she was much younger than the athlete. “She was quite a bit younger than Nico. Not everyone can count on that, I am happy that he has a royal time, ”she commented.

Finally, he assured that he never said anything to his son about the subject because the whole romance happened at a distance, since Hayek never visited Chile. Of course, after that he said that Nicolás was nicknamed “Mister Hollywood”, because Salma Hayek invited him to the avant premiere of “After the Sunset” in New York.


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