Which fence to choose to enjoy the garden?

SHE. fr has swept for you the criteria to take into account before choosing the fence that suits you. At a time when the prices of materials are soaring and professionals are overwhelmed, you will therefore consider this investment in full knowledge of the facts, which can be substantial but which should be useful to you for a long time, provided you make the right choices.

What fence do I need?

Protecting against intrusion or preventing the exit of a domestic animal, for example, requires fencing off a field using a system other than planted mixed hedges. Concealment is also necessary when you want to protect yourself from a significant vis-à-vis, especially when you have a terrace, a hammock or an outdoor swimming pool exposed to the gaze of the neighbor or passers-by. You will therefore not always be able to use the same fence system.

What fence am I allowed to install in my home?

No, we do not install just any fence at home. The law is strict in this area. You must respect what the local urban plan authorizes or not, in terms of heights of panels, according to the number of inhabitants of your municipality but also what your residence allows, very often for aesthetic reasons and homogeneity of the subdivisions.

In some cases you will have to make a prior declaration of work (DP). A gate such as a rising barrier may also be subject to rules, as may the construction of a wall over 2 m in height. You will need to consult the local urban plan (PLU) at the town hall.

There are also implementation rules in relation to the limits of neighboring land and the public domain: the town planning department of your town hall can inform you if there are local rules to be observed in relation to neighboring land in particular. In the absence of local regulations the law that sets minimum height rules and depends on the situation of your land is as follows:

  • If your land is located in a municipality of less than 50,000 inhabitants, your wall, including the coping when it exists (top of the wall in the form of a roof) must respect a minimum height of 2.60 metres. The law does not provide for a maximum height
  • In a municipality of more than 50,000 inhabitants, your wall, including the coping when it exists (top of the wall in the form of a roof) must respect a minimum height of 3.20 metres.

What material should I choose for my fence?

The surface to be fenced, the durability of the material, its resistance to bad weather depending on the weather in your place of residence, the ease of installation of the system, the ease of maintenance, the modularity of the model chosen then come into consideration before considering the budget. predictable.

seaside style fence

First price, but more aesthetic than practical, the ganivelle is very trendy. These are the fences installed in the dunes on the seashore to protect flora and fauna from the footsteps of passers-by. From French production in hazelnut or chestnut, species that grow relatively quickly and do not require autoclave treatment, the ganivelles are used as a temporary solution or to delimit the land visually and give it an air of a bucolic garden.

Mesh fences

Also very inexpensive, roll mesh is the cheapest and most basic type of material in 100 x 100 mesh with its T-posts. It is also very easy to maintain, as is its flexible version sold in roll. Remember, however, that they are not at all occulting and that you will have to add the cost of the occultation (bamboo, heather…) which you will choose to add if necessary.

Rigid mesh panels offer interesting ease of installation for a lower budget. It is also possible to add a slat blackout.

wooden fence panels

Treated autoclaves, class 3, they are rot-proof provided they are not in contact with the ground. Their fragility lies in their resistance to bad weather: if you live in a windy region, they will be put to the test. They do not require any maintenance if you like to see them gray naturally over time. It is also possible, but not necessary, to use a wood saturator to revive their original color.

Aluminum fences

More often used for trellises, aluminum is a customizable, modular, durable fencing material that is very interesting because it is weather-resistant and recyclable. The powder coating allows it to resist discoloration and variations in temperature and humidity. It is part of an eco-responsible approach with robust, durable and infinitely recyclable products.

The success of composite fences

Aesthetics and modularity explain the success of this type of fence material made of coextruded rice powder and recycled resin covered with a thin plastic film. Anti-UV treated, maintenance is almost zero. They are available in several colours, decors, heights and installation options, with posts to be embedded or fixed directly on a concrete slab.

Less expensive and less durable but with a modularity sometimes close to composite according to the distributors, the white PVC fence does not have the success it has known because of its fragility over time. Its aesthetics are also very relative.

Return of hype for “grandmother” concrete fences

Lost in sight, gray concrete as a fencing material proves to be durable, wind resistant and has a deliciously vintage aesthetic. It is available with a wood or painted effect decor or even in a mixed wood/concrete version. Its fault: the complexity of installation which requires calling in a pro and handling given its weight. However, it is making a comeback on the shelves of DIY superstores.

How to calculate the price of your garden fence

The budget needs to be moderated with the quality/price ratio of your investment, taking into account the installation, done by yourself or a pro, and all the elements necessary for it. To the panels chosen, remember to add the price of transport if you have to be delivered, fixing posts, concrete to be poured to fix them, brackets, screws… The bill can increase considerably with the cost of the installation. Beware, therefore, of false economies.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Bequart, fencing market manager at Castorama, for his valuable advice.

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