when Son Goku is unleashed it gives this

The manga and anime adaptation of the saga dragonball by Akira Toryama is a real worldwide success and with the new series Dragon Ball Super longtime fans were finally able to reunite with their favorite super warrior. Good news considering the failure of Dragon Ball GT. Son Goku has a particularity, when he is very angry and sad, he reveals himself and his strength becomes almost infinite, it is in these moments that his transformations go much further than usual.

Son Goku, the most powerful super warrior

As said before, Son Goku surpasses his limits as soon as he is very upset because of an event that affected him and we could see him transform for the first time in Super Saiyanthen in Super Saiyan Grade 2until becoming a Super Saiyan in full power. You could think it was over, but not at all, he passed another milestone by transforming into Super Saiyan 2 then 3 and even in Super Saiyan God and Blue. And that’s not all since he managed to reach the power of Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

Today, we invite you to discover a great Master Stars Diorama from home Banpresto. We find our dear Son Goku in full transformation as part of the collection Dragon Ball Z. He is perfectly recognizable with his half-torn orange and blue battle dress. His hair turned yellow and stood up with the power he exudes. It rests on a magnificent support with in the background the energy that surrounds it, a cloud and the dragon Shenron as well as the mention Dragon Ball with a crystal ball. This superb statuette is 18 cm high, it will delight fans as well as collectors.

To be able to get your hands on it, just go on this shop to order it. If you prefer One Piecehere is another model of Sanji Vinsmoke under attack.

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