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“In the background there is room” returns this June 22 with new episodes and has become one of the most anticipated premieres on the small screen. The successful América TV series officially presented its cast last Friday the 17th and showed some previews of what we will see in its new episodes after six years of absence.

The first previews of the series, which will have Gigio Aranda as CEO, we are shown the Gonzales arriving at a new house, much to the concern of Francesca Maldini (Yvonne Frayssinet) and her butler. Peter (Adolfo Chuman). There will be notable absences from the cast, but also new additions. Know all the details so you don’t miss the premiere.


When does “In the background there is room” 2022 premiere?

The great premiere of the new season of “In the background there is a place” will be this Wednesday June 22, 2022 through the screens of América Televisión. The Gonzales and the Maldini return with new adventures and occurrences.

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What time is the premiere?

the premiere of “There is room in the background” 2022 season will be starting at 8:30 pm (Peruvian time) on Wednesday 22.

Who are the actors that continue in the new season of Al fondo hay lugar?

These are the actors and actresses who will reprise their characters in the new season of “Al fondo hay lugar”:

  • Erick Elera as Joel
  • Magdyel Ugaz as Teresita
  • Monica Sanchez as Charo
  • David Almandoz as Pepe
  • Laszlo Kovacs as Tito
  • Gustavo Bueno as Don Gilberto
  • Carlos Solano as Felix
  • Yvonne Frayssinet as Francesca Maldini
  • Luis Angel Pinasco as Bruno Picasso
  • Adolfo Chuiman as Peter.

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On the other hand, it was confirmed that interpreters such as Nataniel Sánchez (Fernanda), Andres Wiese (Nicolás) or Mayra Couto (Grace) will not return.


Who would be the new characters of At the bottom there is room 2022?

Likewise, the new actors and actresses who will join the cast of “Al fondo hay lugar” have been revealed:

  • Jorge Guerra (Jaimito Gonzales)
  • Maria Grazia Gamarra (Macarena Montalban)
  • Karime Scander (Alessia Montalban)
  • Franco Pennano (Christobal Montalban).

How to see the complete chapters of “In the background there is room”?

The new chapters of “Al fondo hay lugar” will be released from Monday to Friday through the América TV signal. They will also be available at all times on the América TVGO app.

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“AFHS” will justify the absence of remembered characters in the series

“We are justifying the absence anyway, in the first and second chapters and we are also doing the respective duels. We are fulfilling such important characters, we could not ignore it, “he said. Gigio Aranda at the start of the cast presentation event.

“When ‘Grace’ died several years ago, it occurred to us from the script side that we said, ‘Why are we going to mourn her?’ She died ‘grace’ and the next chapter, after 8 months, Grace was no longer dead. (…) Now, those who are not here will have their moment in the hearts of the public. We cannot gloss over it or turn the page so easily,” she maintained.

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Adolfo Chuiman reveals the reason for his absence at the “AFHS” conference

Chuiman, who plays Peter, had throat problems due to the change in temperature that Lima experienced. For that reason, his doctor recommended that he better stay home.

“The cold, each day more intense, as they have announced on television, is going to be the hardest winter in recent times. In addition, it is not only this, but also the humidity, so you have to take care of yourself. That is the reason why I have not been able to go to the conference, “said the actor.

Adolfo Chuiman has no plans to stop working for the time being. Photo: Composition LR/America TV/GLR

“There is room in the background”: they rebuild the Gonzales house for the new season

TikTok user @ tinprado32 shared a video where you can see what would be the reconstruction of the house that the popular Gonzales family inhabited in the series. Let us remember that the building was destroyed by the construction company of Miguel Ignacio de las Casas in the last chapters.

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‘Hiro’ from “In the background there is room” left Thailand to return to the new season

“Yes, the truth is that it is a house, I had the love of always. Well, I was out in Thailand, I had heard that the series was coming back and I was surprised that they contacted me. At first I thought about it a lot, but in the end it’s something nice because it guarantees absolute fun. I’m very happy that ‘Hiro’ is back,” said Paolo Goya, an actor who plays Hiro Moroboshi, one of the Maldini’s butlers.

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Magdyel Ugaz: “La Teresita went beyond her body”

Magdyel Ugazactress who plays Teresita, affirms that her character transcended her appearance, because her forms, her voice, her body, her movements and her temperament make her iconic.

“What happens is very crazy because Teresita was very chubby at first, but Teresita did something that was wonderful. Teresita went beyond her body because, when people saw her, she no longer saw her body. Because when the series ended, I was no longer gaining weight. The weight that I have now is not much less than what I had, ”she detailed in an interview with La República.

Magdyel Ugaz wants to preserve the greatness of “la Teresita”. Photo: Instagram Magdyel Ugaz/AFHS

Does Doña Nelly return to “There is room in the background”? This was said by Gigio Aranda

Doña Nelly, a character played by the actress Irma Maury, was the matriarch of the Gonzales and one of the main characters in “Al fondo hay lugar”; therefore, her death in fiction was one of her saddest moments. However, the general director Gigio Aranda revealed that for some time he has been thinking about how he could bring her back.

“I would love for Doña Nelly to return, of course, that is a joke. I have her return thought many years ago. I have it ready, so if Irmita wants it, ‘plim’”, confessed Aranda, and stressed that seeing the matriarch of the Gonzales is a wish of the whole team.

The actress Irma Maury was a key player in the series “In the background there is a place”. Photo: America TV/Capture

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