What does it mean when a woman wears purple

What does it mean when a woman wears purple? | Special

doWhat does it mean when a woman wears purple? Surely you have asked yourself for various reasons, either because you love fashion or because we have associated it with activism in favor of women’s rights.

It is no accident, the purple is obtained by mixing red and blue, so it is to be expected that he shares his best qualities and that even royalty behaves him.

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Purple by itself evokes sensitivity, delicacy, elegance, luxury and spirituality, which is why Catholic priests use it in special times such as Lent. This tone is also related to magicthat is why we see it a lot in stories of magical beings.

The purple It is also a very fun tone because it shows how well opposites can get along, red is a warm and feminine tone while blue is considered cold and masculine, but nature itself combines them by placing purple in flowers, fruits and more.

Who dresses in purple does it because he likes to attract attention and appear as someone different, he has also been associated with wisdom, ambition and mystery. It is common for the meaning to vary a bit depending on the intensity of the tone.

If we talk about Light purpletransmits us nostalgia and calm, that is why we can see him not only in fashion but in home decoration, he is the purple lavender or amethyst. For his part, the deep purple or purple It is the one that is associated with power, since previously it was an extremely difficult and expensive color to elaborate, that is why it was reserved for the wealthiest such as members of the Church and royalty.

What does purple have to do with women’s rights?

This issue deserves a separate mention, as it is common for purple to be used as much as pink on International Women’s Day. History tells us that purple was a color widely used by American women who promoted women’s right to vote and has now been adopted in marches against gender violence worldwide.

In this case, purple speaks of women’s rights, the search for equity, justice and development of the female gender in society.

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