What does it mean when a couple stops having relationships, is love over?

What does it mean when a couple stops having relationships, is love over? | PHOTO: PEXELS

Although, in a relationship it is very common that with the passing of the years and the arrival of new responsibilities such as children, work, taking charge of a home, etc., it can generate that the frequency with which the that the couple has action under the covers, but is it a bad thing? According to the experts, at Soy Carmín we tell you what does it mean when a couple stops having relationships, is love over?

Definitely, when we start a couple relationshipan affair or a marriage, the intensity is on the surface, it is very normal that there is a lot of passion and they cannot take their hands off each other.

However, as we mentioned, the more time passes, the encounters under the sheets They are becoming less frequent, giving way to other stages of more mature relationships, because believe it or not, other areas and ties such as trust and support will be strengthened, not only in intimacy, of course, without leaving aside either is theme.

What does it mean when a couple stops having relationships?

Although it is normal for the frequency and number of encounters in bed to decrease with the passage of time and the progress of the relationship, there are limits to think that it is within normality. According to the experts, we tell you to what extent it is.

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According to the expert in psychology, Lori Gottlieb, the action under the sheets does not involve only the act itself, but rather goes beyond it, it speaks of the closeness they share as partner.

And it is that, there are other factors for which many couples stop having relationships frequently, such as stress, depression.

However, when they stop having each other completely, it means that there is an even bigger problem behind it, since the action in bed reflects a healthy dynamic between the two.

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When they stop having relationships in their entirety, it can come from the sum of many unresolved problems, old grudges, misunderstandings, offenses between them, and even resentment for infidelities not passed.

The problem becomes even more serious when they stop talking and leave any of those problems unresolved, decreasing passion more and more, which little by little disconnects them as a couple, wearing down each and every one of the ties, which In general, it can lead to a separation, or to continue together without any ties.

What does it mean when a couple stops having relationships, is the love over? PHOTO: PEXELS

How can you save the relationship?

In many cases, all is not lost, the most important thing is that they decide to do it, and that they turn to the experts to achieve it. According to the specialist Lori Gottlieb, as uncomfortable and painful as it may be, it is crucial that they talk about it, or, go to a specialist guide them through therapy.

In addition, the expert recommends resuming habits that unite them, such as kissing, hold handsgetting massages, caressing, etc., in order to be able to rediscover desireand resume activity in bed.

What does it mean when a couple stops having relationships, is the love over? PHOTO: UNSPLASH

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