What does it mean to dream of keys

Dreaming of keys can mean much more than you can imagine. In the dream world, gold or silver keys represent wealth and tranquility, they are associated with financial stability, while wooden keys symbolize poverty, debt and economic problems.

In real life the keys open doors but they can also close them, when they appear in dreams they are associated with changes and new opportunities, but also, they represent hidden secrets, obstacles, unresolved problems or repressed memories and emotions.

Dreaming of a key can be interpreted as a warning from the subconscious telling you that you need to be open to a great change in your life, perhaps you feel the need to live new experiences and emotions.

When you dream that you lose the keys it indicates that you usually stumble over the same stone over and over again, it means that you must explore other paths in order to progress. If you dream that you find a key, it means that you will be able to solve a problem that has been overwhelming you for a long time.

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If you dream that you are looking for your keys, it represents unsolved problems that do not allow you to rest. The key is the solution of the problem and the search symbolizes your anguish and restlessness. If at the end of the dream you manage to find the key, it indicates that you will be able to solve your problems.

When you dream that a person gives you a key, it reveals that a series of opportunities will be presented to you that can bring you closer to your goals and the least expected person may be the one who guides you to achieve your dreams.

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If in the dream you appear giving a key to another person, it means that you are giving them your responsibilities and obligations, even blaming your mistakes and mistakes. When you dream of broken keys, it predicts upcoming failures, it can refer to a breakup in love or a disappointment for not achieving the objectives set.

Dreaming that you are trying to open a door with the wrong key means that obstacles will be in your way to prevent you from taking advantage of an opportunity, it can also reveal that a close person is keeping secrets from you.

When you dream that you hold a key it indicates that you are a self-confident person, capable of facing the consequences of your actions in life. Hearing the sound of the keys in your dreams means that the solution to your problems is yet to come, it is the harbinger that you will have a stroke of luck.

To dream that you open a door with a key is a good sign, it means that positive changes will happen in your life, it reveals that luck is on your side. The door is a new opportunity that will be presented to you and the key is your talents that will allow you to fulfill your dreams.

When you dream that you have a bunch of keys, it is related to your authority, it reflects your controlling attitude and your responsibility to make important decisions. It represents the power you exercise over others and your obligations.

If you dream of many keys, it means that you are not sure of the decisions you are making, it is a reflection of the confusion and insecurity that you have to choose on your own without having the support of another person.

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