What are the songs that Pepe Aguilar produced for Julieta Venegas

Between a lot of experience and years of producing wonderful lyrics, Pepe Aguilar He is not only a luxurious composer, but also a producer and a great companion to unforgettable duets. When songs loaded with meaning like “For women like you“, “I believe myself” O “For a pretty woman“inevitably the mind goes straight to the singer who represents the Aguilar dynasty.

If there is a prominent Texan singer and producer with extensive experience in the world of music, it is Pepe Aguilar. Far from being outdated, the years go by and he continues to show that he continues to be one of the greats and in his case in particular, he is one of the most important and chosen in the rancheros genre.

So the own Julieta Venegas, a great figure of Mexican rock -even with his own style- has chosen him for a special collaboration.

That way when they wonder what are the songs that Pepe Aguilar produced for Julieta Venegas, it can be assured that He has produced songs for the Oye and Teletón Awards, both in 2005.

“SOURCE: CusicaPlus”

And it is that, in addition to composing, singing and producing, Pepe has the gift of transmitting the message he wants with great ease. Always reaching the hearts of the people through his lyrics.

There are many songs that Pepe Aguilar has to his credit and above all, that have made them cross borders with their music. After having done several collaborations and duets with friends or colleagues whom you admire, He stood out for writing and producing the theme for the Telethon 2005 in Mexico.

For her part, Julieta Venegas, in her desire to evolve musically, stands out trying to improve as a Latin composer and singer, and has known how to choose the lyrics of her songs very well. Either written by her or by a privileged “chosen one”, as Pepe Aguilar was at the time.

While there are no records of songs that Pepe Aguilar has produced exclusively for Julieta Venegas and both have a different style, they are united by passion and mutual respect for their great creations. It can be assured that both singer-songwriters not only admire each other but also have a pending duet to offer to their beloved Mexican audience.

However, “For women like you”, “I’m leaving”, “My creed” or “For a pretty woman” were written by Pepe Aguilar and ever interpreted by Julieta Venegas like a caress to the senses. Did you hear any of them? We share it with you.

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