What are the keys to improving encounters under the sheets

What are the keys to improving encounters under the sheets | UNSPLASH

What are the keys to improving encounters under the sheets. Over time it is common for couples to lose desire when having intimate encounters. The researchers point out that there are phases where both experience emotion, but little by little it decreases.

According to the Psychology Today portal, the first phase is the honeymoonwhere everything goes wonderfully and the meetings are a complete success that can lead to a wonderful feeling of maintaining a great future as a couple.

Jessica Maxwell, a social psychology researcher at the University of Toronto, explains that this period lasts between two and three years.

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later it starts the phase where difficulties begin to emerge under the covers and shared satisfaction tends to go down. However, it can be reversed with the call magic key. This is a key that can lead to growth.

Specialist Maxwell indicates that people who believe in the power of consciously working on their intimate life will achieve greater rewards in the future and their bond will be stronger.

In his work he proposes two concepts: beliefs of intimate growth and beliefs of intimate destiny. Across studies, he notes that the results suggest that those who have more intimate growth beliefs and who think that intimate relationships require work, finally achieve greater well-being as a couple.

But those who have strong beliefs in intimate destiny and that they saw the problems under the covers as a sign that they and their partner were not truly soul mates, were more likely to lose faith in the relationshipafter arising difficulties in bed.

Maxwell asserts that disagreements in the intimate domain are inevitable over time and that intimate life is like a garden, it needs to be watered and nurtured to maintain it.

In accordance with the experience of psychotherapist, Ken Page, who specializes in intimacy issues, found that three questions they could help to have fabulous encounters; however, he suggests not doing them during relationships or in the middle of any kind of argument or conflict.

The questions it suggests are: What makes you feel emotionally safe under the covers; What touches you, moves you and brings you closer in intimate encounters; and, during the relationship, what really fascinates you.

For the specialist, carrying out this series of questions opens the door to a deeper intimacy, which will help to recover the magic in the room. Although also remember that successful couples under the covers work and do their best to maintain a healthy relationship.

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