Wendy Dio Shares Her Emotion Over Dio Reference In “Stranger Things 4”

One of the most exciting things about fourth season of “Stranger Things” is that a few rock and metal classics have been present, all of these reflected through the new character of Joseph QuinnEddie Munson.

One of the bands referenced during “Stranger Things 4” it was It gaveY Wendy Dio assured that to Ronnie would have loved to see her group recognized throughout the show..

In the popular series Netflixthe character of Eddie Munson wears a denim jacket with a huge Dio patch on the backwhat happened to them donated for use by the estate of Ronnie James Dio.

“What happened was, originally, this was before the pandemic hit. So this was like two and a half years ago. They contacted me because I had to sign the licensebecause you can’t just use a Dio product without a license”; recalled Dio’s widow, Wendy Dio; through a recent interview for Loudwire Nights.

As a result, he sent the creators of the series, the duffer brothers; actual antique pieces of her husband’s estate, including the patch that appears on Munson’s jacket.

Along with this, through official ro account in Instagrama photograph of the interpreter actor of Eddie Munson was shared, Joseph Quinnusing this relic of the musician and demonstrating his excitement before “Stranger Things”.

“It was great to see this old DIO design in the recent episode of Stranger Things! Eddie loves DIO!”

The legacy of rock in “Stranger Things”

“They were very happy and very appreciative, and they sent me a bunch of Stranger Things stuff, so it was really wonderful. I was so happy because then I didn’t see or hear anything, and I thought, ‘Oh, I guess they didn’t use it. And then all of a sudden now, after the pandemic, I saw it and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful, I’m so happy about it. Ronnie would have been so happy… he would have loved that«; shared Wendy Dio.

Secondly, Dio will also receive a nomination in the upcoming Marvel movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.”, which will be in theaters on July 8. the mega hit “Rainbow in the Dark” will play during movie credits.

“Dio is coming back right now, I’m very happy”Wendy continued. “I think it’s the first time in history that children listen to their parents’ music.”

Wendy and company will also hold a special celebration during the coming month of July to commemorate what would have been 80th birthday of the late vocalist.

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