Wavy nails ideal for fall in white, green and terracotta colors

Autumn is here and there are styles that are timelessAs psychedelic wave nails dominate nail art, from last year to date and are the perfect way to update your manicures. And it is that these eddies remind us that life is not linear and there are unexpected curves that can make it better or worse depending on the case.

With the arrival of the autumn season the swirls become elegant and with the typical autumn colors of red, green, yellow and orange, the colors of the falling leaves and why not add the classic brown and neutral colors that are elegant and that you can use at any time of the year.

Manicures with wave designs are one of the most important nail trends of the 2021. You just have to take a look at social networks to find countless full color nail ideas with psychedelic waves.

Although it is true that they were used more in the hot season, but their designs adapt to the cold that reigns on the north side of the earth and any time is perfect to wear spiral nails according to the B & M site.

If you are a fan of this wave nails trend, but you do not like to wear too much color in your manicure, because you think you are for summer or spring, you can try designs with white waves or autumn colors.

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White nail polish is a temporary staple and combined with a minimalist wave design you will achieve a perfectly balanced and discreet manicure, but at the same time modern and creative that you can carry out at any time and occasion.

A coat of white or gloss is necessary

Creates a natural base by applying two coats of pink polish semi-transparent nude finish to almost completely blur the natural white of your nail tips. Let dry completely. Then create a natural-looking base by applying two coats of clear pink nail polish to almost blur the natural white tip of your nails. Let dry completely.

White waves on a neutral base are ideal for those who love minimalism. You can keep your manicure really low-key with a nude pink base and add some creative drama with white waves or if you want to add a little green or terra cotta color. With negative space as a pattern, you can create a fine and subtle design but at the same time casual and up-to-date.

Swirls on a neutral base are perfect for minimalists. You can keep your manicure really subtle with a sheer base in nude pink tones and add a bit of creative drama with some swirls. CWith negative space in mind, you can create a nail art design that looks polished and understated yet fun and up-to-date..

The B&M blog recommends that you use a long, fine brush to help you create looser waves.. Do not look for perfection, irregular waves will give a fresher air to your manicure; then use a thin brush with long bristles to help you do the swirls freehand. Don’t go for perfection, the uneven swirls will add a fresher effect to your manicure.

Use the brush to create an ā€œSā€ shaped wave and a side border to complete the design.. Repeat the process for each nail, placing the ā€œSā€ shape and the side edge in a different way on each nail for a more original and dynamic result.

Apply a layer of sheer top coat to polish off white or fall waves that you chose and perfect the design, while protecting and providing an extra dose of shine to the manicure and they will be ready.

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You must first have them perfectly clean

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