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Vivian Baellaa volleyball player who led Peru to the finals of various international championships, was the center of attention on social networks by revealing for the first time the details behind his

What did the former athlete say when her fans asked her why she looked for another job? Here we tell you.

Why did Vivian Baella leave volleyball?

According to what Vivian Baella He told through his social networks, there was more than one fixed reason why he left volleyball:

“I decided to quit volleyball because, first of all, I felt physically tired. I was 26 years old in 2018, when I decided to step aside, I still did not consider myself older, but I already had constant body pain. For example, in the shoulder and in the knee”.

Likewise, she confessed that her health was affected, since she did not feel comfortable that the sport absorbed all her time. I have never felt that she had vacations, she always trained. I said ‘I want to give myself a break and a change of scenery’. I literally did it,” she assured.

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Vivian Baella: “Volleyball is not professional in Peru”

In your TikTok account, Vivian Baella He also took the opportunity to reveal the details of what it is like to dedicate yourself to volleyball in our country. For the former athlete, there are several factors that make this job somewhat irregular and unstable:

I was looking for something financially secure. Volleyball is not professional here in Peru, the contract you have with your club is only verbal. They do not give you security if something happens to you later, they will respect you. I know several players that if you were injured in a championship they didn’t pay you in full, they paid you half. If your main livelihood is volleyball, you are going to have problems”.

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Vivian returned to sport due to a pandemic

Vivian Baella She spoke with La República at the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020. At that time, the flight attendant had decided to return to volleyball because there were no job opportunities in the field she had decided to dedicate herself to:

“Given the situation and the scenario of the aerial sector, I see the possibility of sharing my time with the sport that I love so much. Since although I have stopped playing for approximately two years, I am always linked to this (volleyball), either watching the games on TV or talking with the friends that this sport left me. I said “why not”, since I have time available there”.

Vivian Baella returns to volleyball after two years away. She will defend the colors of Deportivo Géminis. Graphics: Fabrizio Oviedo/The Republic.

What does Vivian Baella currently work on?

Vivian Baella He did not completely walk away from the sports world after leaving behind his presence on the volleyball courts. Three years ago, he went to work in the administrative area of ​​the Peruvian Volleyball Federation. However, he revealed that he had some internal problems and left the position.

In 2018, at the same time that he was saying goodbye to volleyball definitively, he found a job offer to be a cabin crew member in an international airline. Since the young woman, at that time 26 years old, had studied a career related to the field, she had no complications in acquiring the position. “I studied administration and entered the work pages to see the calls. I found a vacancy for cabin crew, ”she told her followers.

However, the former national sports figure confessed that it was not easy to take the step: “At first yes (I regretted it), because I was moving away from the sport that gave me so much and that until now I consider my passion. I love volleyball and I’m watching the league”.


Who is Vivian Baella?

The full name of the volleyball player is Vivian Isabel Baella Guevara, is 29 years old and was born in Rioja, a city belonging to the San Martín region. He studied Business Administration and Management at the San Ignacio de Loyola University, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.

In addition to having been selected as a Peruvian and having led the national team to third place in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games,

Currently, she works as a flight attendant at the LATAM airline. Similarly, the Alianza Lima fan remains in force on social networks by sharing different episodes of her sports and current life.

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