Vecna ​​may have an ally in Hawkins’ gang according to these clues

The fans of Stranger Things eagerly awaiting the release of volume 2 of season 4, scheduled for July 1 on the Netflix catalog. To wait before the broadcast of the last two episodes, the theories are going well. One of them suggests that this main character of the series could become Vecna’s allyand several clues support this idea…

Attention ! This article contains some spoilers from season 4 of Stranger Things.

The answers we expect from volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things

The wait is unbearable! However, after having waited for three years, the spectators can hold out a few more weeks before discovering volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things. It must be said that the final episodes of this salvo should respond to many questions left unanswered. In particular, we could learn if Jim Hopper will indeed manage to escape from Russian prison in which he was locked up alongside the Demogorgon, and if Eleven will find, as we hope, all of its powers.

In the short teaser unveiled at the end of episode 7, we can hear Vecna ​​in voice-over speaking directly to Eleven, to whom he promises defeat. After spending so many years in the shadows of the Upside Down, Vecna, also known as One or Henry Creel, nurtures a deep hatred towards Elf. For the time being, the plan of the creature is not yet explicit, but this detail of the upside down world could give us clues as to its intentions. Indeed, with each new victim that Vecna ​​makes, he creates a portal to Hawkins. If none of his demons have attacked the townspeople yet, it’s probably because it’s not time yet. Vecna ​​is probably waiting to have entrances everywhere in Hawkins to send his creatures and take over the city. Thanks to his power of telekinesis, he could unfortunately make one of our heroes his ally in this abominable mission…

Will, next antagonist of Stranger Things alongside Vecna?

And this character is none other than Will, the Upside Down’s first target and its creatures since the start of the series… He has a special connection with the Upside Down, in addition to having been the only one to come out alive so far. As a bonus, as you know, Vecna ​​only goes after people with trauma. You don’t need to have studied psychology to understand that Will is special: he had a hard time integrating into a group, he doesn’t talk about romantic relationships like teenagers his age, he fails to be as carefree as his classmateswho by the way forgot his birthday in season 4 of Stranger Things… The latter would therefore probably not know his favorite song for save him from Vecna ​​if he were to be manipulated by the latter.

Moreover, if one pays attention to the details, Will has many similarities to Henry Creel. Joyce describes her son as a sensitive boy who enjoys spending time alone and drawing. These are almost the same words used by Victor Creel, the father of the one we now know as Vecna. Additionally, in the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons, Vecna ​​is a wizard, who is exactly the same class as Will’s character, “Will the Wise”. The character seems open to the idea of ​​working with accomplices, just remember to the way he manipulated Eleven in Hawkins’ lab. Since Will looks like the little boy he used to be, and has proven his ability to survive six days in the Upside Down, it could mean that the dark wizard could see something more in him.

Joyce’s son is the character with the most meaningful experience with the Upside Down. If Vecna ​​had to choose one of the protagonists as an ally, it would necessarily be him. Bonus, Will was once possessed by the Mind Flayer, which could easily explain an evolution of his story arc as a villain. While this storyline would be difficult for teenage Hawkins to live through, Will’s transformation as an antagonist would offer a major challenge for Eleven and the others : in addition to having to face a terrible monster, they will also have to go after a friend. We just have to wait for the release of volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix to find out if this theory is true!

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