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Vania Masias she is pregnant for the third time at the age of 43. The renowned Peruvian dancer is in a relationship with her husband, Eric Hanschke, with whom she has a son and a daughter. Now, the choreographer reveals the sex of her baby and admits that she has felt some fears about being sweetly waiting for her again.

What did Vania Masías say about her pregnancy?

Through Instagram, the artist published a video in which she showed the choreography of the new member of her family who is on the way. She said that she is four months pregnant and that your baby will be a girl.

“I wanted to share with you this unexpected blessing. We’re going to have a little girl. I’m 4 months old now and I feel pretty good. I am 43 years old and many fears arose at the beginning, but life has definitely changed and we are happy with the arrival of a new member of the family, ”wrote the owner of the D1 dance academy.

Lazy loaded component

In an interview for the ATV channel, Vania Masías had already talked about the fears about her pregnancy. “When you are over 40 they scare you a lot. It has been a blessing, everything is fine, but there are many mothers who are over 40. I still have to take care of myself”, he said for “ATV News Morning Edition”.

Vania Masías and her husband

Vania Masías married Eric Hanschke. Fruit of that love, was born. Some time later, in 2014, the couple had

Vania Masías and her husband. Photo: Instagram / Vania Masías

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