Valeria Piazza: what was the $1,000 gift you asked for for your wedding and no one bought? | Pierre Cateriano | photos | show business

Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano joined their lives in marriage on the last Saturday, November 19. This event brought together various figures from the show business, as well as close friends and relatives of the now spouses. However, one of the most anecdotal facts was the list of gifts that the couple requested; among which was an expensive item that no one could acquire.

Valeria Piazza shared photos and videos of her wedding on her Instagram account. Photo: composition LR/Instagram

What was the gift that Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano asked for for their wedding but nobody bought?

As is customary, any wedding couple can make a virtual gift list for their guests to give them on the day of the marriage. This was not wasted by the television host and her now husband, who included an item that cost approximately US$1,039.

But what was the gift? Nothing more and nothing less than a Create & Barrel brand bonfire, which serves to air-condition environments in outdoor spaces.

Valeria Piazza asked for a Create & Barrel fire pit. Photo: Falabella

The second most expensive item on Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano’s list: what was it?

That wasn’t the only item the couple asked for. Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano added an 11-piece Calphalon cookware set to their gift list, priced at US$650. Thus, this was the second most expensive object. However, as with the bonfire, this product was also not purchased by any of the wedding guests.

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