umpteenth twist, the star of Aquaman tries this last resort so as not to end up ruined

You thought you were done with the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? Nay! This affair, which will remain in the annals, never ceases to resurface in the media. Started in April 2022, this legal battle continues to be subject to twists and turnseven though the jury has already returned a verdict this summer in favor of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. Indeed, the interpreter of the courageous Mera in Aquaman just filed a complaint against his insurance company… We will explain everything to you.

Amber Heard, ruined, tries a last resort

The actress had taken out legal insurance, but it turned out to be completely useless. Last July, we learned thanks to the magazine’s website Peoplethat Amber Heard had taken out an insurance policy with the New York Marine and General Insurance Co., which covered her legal expenses from 2018 to 2019. However, in front of the colossal addition of its lawsuit with Johnny Depp, the company tries to avoid the salty note transmitted by the actress. However, Amber Heard, ruined, tries everything for the whole face of the company.

Our colleagues from TMZ have just revealed that the actress Amber Heard has filed a lawsuit against the New York Marine and General Insurance Co. According to them, the company would have relied on a text of law allowing it to withdraw from the agreement in the event that the actress would be found guilty. An assertion denied by the actress, who affirms that his insurance policy was to cover his lawyers’ fees and possible damages up to 1 million dollars. Except that this one does not want to pay, and that icing on the cake, she is condemned to pay 10 million dollars to Johnny Depp… Ruined, she has already sold his house in the Mojave Desert, California this summer for $1.1 million. Will Amber Heard find a way out? To be continued in the next episode !

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